Expect the unexpected. Welcome to Arco, on the shore of Lake Garda – a city like every other in our modern world. Or so you think. Because in the very centre of Arco lies a world of wonder, an exclusive walled monastery with beautiful arches, a sanctuary for all that is blissful and beautiful. Welcome to ARX VIVENDI. This is what hosts Steffi and Manuel want to offer guests – a safe refuge from the chaos of the world. A blissful haven. A hymn to the art of living well, of finding oneself without giving up anything you do not want to. Pure, epicurean bliss enhanced by the refined interior, designed and being built as we speak by the award-winning noa* architecture studio.



A health resort, a portal between the mountains and the lake.
A stone’s throw from Lake Garda.

Vouchers: a unique present to spend a day at the monastery SPA.

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Steffi and Manuel will welcome the monastery’s first guests with open arms in April 2021.


The old domestic quarters will be restored into 40 brand-new rooms and suites. A timeless sense of awe marries modern creature comforts.

Salus Per Aquam.

The secret garden really does exist – and is pocketed behind these walls. The ideal excuse to lose yourself exploring the hammam, heated pools, and relaxing, intimate corners.


 Come. Come and take an exclusive peek at what is already happening behind these timeless walls.

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