The monastery called to us, a faint whisper we simply had to follow. And so here we are, looking for kindred spirits who want to bring ARX VIVENDI to life and unleash its full potential. Staff who will give their heart and soul for our guests’ wellbeing, day in, day out; and partners whose products seem to have been made for our way of living. We want to turn this place into something special – do you want to answer your calling?

The doors of this monastery are always open to amazing neighbours and partners who want to collaborate with us here at ARX VIVENDI. Services, products – you name it. Even product samplings are more than welcome. Send us an email at

Location, location, location. Arco is a portal between mountains and palm trees swaying to the lake’s breeze, just a stone’s throw from Lake Garda. Set on the southernmost point of Trentino-Alto Adige, its mild microclimate has made Arco into an outstanding health resort – but the city is more than just SPAs and wellbeing. The city is steeped in history boasting castle ruins, charming Austrian architecture, and unmistakable Italian dolce vita. What a sight to behold.

ARX VIVENDI is set in the very centre of Arco on Lake Garda and will open in spring 2021. What we – that means us, Steffi and Manuel – are looking for is staff as well as passionate, friendly people who want to embark with us on this exciting journey.

The monastery of the Sisters, Servants of Mary was built in the 17th century – and has now been given a new lease of life. The abandoned southern wing, deserted in the 50s, will open its doors in Spring 2021 to reveal a brand-new hotel and its 40 rooms and suites. The monastery garden was, and still is, a retreat – a balm for body and soul, submerged in lush vegetation and featuring a trailblazing SPA concept – hammam included, of course.

Hosts Steffi and Manuel are looking for kindred spirits who will bring ARX VIVENDI to life.


 Come. Come and take an exclusive peek at what is already happening behind these timeless walls.

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