Eat & Drink

Eating and Drinking at Monastero Arx Vivendi is akin to a spiritual experience, only steeped in the earthly pleasures of good food and wine. Enjoy your repast inside the former cloister walls or outside, in the slice of heaven on Earth which is the cloister garden. We only serve the best of the best, sourced from small, local producers. Join us at the bar for international and Italian cocktail classics, newly interpreted or just as you enjoyed them the very first time you took a tipple. In Monastero, the aperitivo is a holy sacrament. Wine has always been traditional in churchly settings, and we wanted to follow suit: our wine menu favours local wineries, as the local varieties growing along the shores of the lake are an earthly sin we are happy to forgive. You can also drink your worries away at the pool. Come evening, we’ll recommend the best eateries and starred venues for a dinner you’ll never forget. Cheers!



Monastero Arx Vivendi serves breakfast every day between 7:30 and 11:00. Break your fast by savouring fresh, crisp bread made by local bakers, homemade cakes and quiches, regional dairy products, eggs any way you like them, crêpes, and much, much more. We are a non-denominational cuisine – which means we also have vegan and gluten-free dishes. Enjoy! Breakfast is included in the room price.

For your evening delight, we’re happy to send you out on a pilgrimage which will satisfy your palate. From starred restaurant to your homey eatery – an Italian osteria – we know exactly what is what, and will recommend the ideal choice.


We do organise culinary events of an evening – but it’s quite a rare occasion. Together with local chefs, producers or friends, we open our monastery doors and deliver a truly magical experience inside the garden walls. Every Friday from June to September.


You can enjoy a light lunch between 12:30 and 16:00. Our simple Mediterranean meals are seasonal, and are made with products sourced from small, local producers. Our OLEA olive oil enriches every meal – even with a simple slice of bread.


If you know something about the Bel Paese, then you know that aperitivo is something sacred. The cloister bar serves cocktails, signature drinks and delicious finger food every day. Poolside service available.

Honesty Bar

Honesty is the best policy – that’s why we’ve set up an Honesty Bar. When our bar is closed, you can take wine, water, beer as well as cocktails such as an Americano or Negroni. The perfect spot for a nightcap, just what you need after a night out dining to your heart’s content. Sweet dreams.


 Come. Come and take an exclusive peek at what is already happening behind these timeless walls.

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